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Dan Bilzerian Involved in New Bike Prop Bet with Bill Perkins & Brian Rast

Having only recently completed and won his $600k wager against hedge fund boss and highstakes poker player Bill Perkins, playboy Dan Bilzerian has got involved in another big bike bet wager - this time he's in with Perkins betting against highstakes poker pro Brian Rast.

Rast, a 2 time WSOP bracelet winner, and one of the biggest ever live tourney winners with over $16.3m in winnings has to undertake a similar bike ride to Bilzerian, from Vegas to LA in 48 hours. Bilzerian and Perkins are putting up $600k to win $100k from Rast.

Considering Bilzerian completed the challenge in just 33 hours, it would seem perhaps a somewhat foolish wager. However, as Rast points out in his recent tweet about the ride (which starts tomorrow), there are some key differences.

When he says "no drafting" Rast is referring to the 100 mile or so stretch of freeway along which Bilzerian rode in the slipstream of a white van during his bet.

Rast also pointed out in the tweet that he had only 3 days of training in response to Bilzerian's earlier tweet announcing the bet in which he said Rast had "only a week of training". Bilzerian had almost 2 months of training and along the way employed the services of Lance Armstrong.

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