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11.02. |

Atlantic City owes its largest casino more than $170 million in tax refunds, and now the casino says it is done paying taxes until it gets a large chunk of it back.

The Borgata casino says it wants $62.5 million from the city immediately and a court agreed Friday, according to a report from the Associated Press. Atlantic City, which has considered bankruptcy, says it can’t pay it.



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10.02. |

PokerStars is not stopping with the controversial moves: it just came out today that the poker room decided to completely remove regular cash heads-up tables as we know them, and replace them with zoom tables.

The change will go live this week, on Friday 12th of February. This change comes kinda expected, as Amaya already removed heads-up tables from FullTilt last year.


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09.02. |

January was a rough month for Alex "Kanu7" Millar at PokerStars NLHE tables, and he ended up losing over $700k after some pretty heavy losses heads-up or short-handed.

In the heads-up matches, it was wilhasha who got the better of Kanu7 most of the time, so the English pro will be happy to get a six-figure win from their latest encounter as he finished atop yesterday's highstakes leaderboard with a $152.5k win over his Swedish rival.


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08.02. |

Full Tilt has unveiled the new-look Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) XXIX which returns on the February 21 with 46 events and $1 million in guaranteed prize pools.

The series runs for three weeks, finishing on the March 13.

Buy-in levels have to been broadened to cover a wider span of budgets ranging from $25-$500 or from as little 100 Full Tilt Points if entering a satellite tournament.

This will hopefully allow players of all levels more of the chance to walk away with some of the $1 million in prize money.


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07.02. |

Long awaited new game HoldemX, which describes itself as "Poker, enhanced", made its play money debut this week.

The game, a hybrid of strategy games like Hearthstone and regular Hold’em, has been causing much debate among the poker community ever since rumours and subsequent announcements were released last year.

HoldemX, the hot new release from developer Mediarex, who label themselves "The Pokertainment company", made its highly anticipated alpha debut on Tuesday and is now available for a select group of people.

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06.02. |

Full Tilt now available on Steam will enable players from across the world to play on Full Tilt’s free-to-play games, and join the action alongside anyone who downloads the Full Tilt software directly from FullTiltPoker.NET.

Full Tilt is only available on Steam thanks to the votes from Steam account holders who gave them the ‘green light’ to offer their software on the platform.

This is an exciting opportunity for Full Tilt to share the game we love with a new audience.

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05.02. |

We all know gambling and casinos are considered 'adult entertainment', so perhaps that is why has decided to get in on the act as they opened "Pornhub Casino" on Monday, offering blackjack, roulette, slots, and - no surprises here - strip poker.


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04.02. |

Mediarex, parent company of the Global Poker Index (GPI), has just launched an alpha version of its new free-play game ‘HoldemX’.

The game, inspired by other popular card games such as Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone and Uno, plays similarly to traditional Texas Hold’em poker, but with a deck of bonus ‘Xcards’ thrown into the mix.


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03.02. |

The prospect of regulated online poker in New York looks may become a reality if current momentum is maintained.

Earlier today a committee hearing passed through an online gaming bill by a concensus of 9-0, the first time such a bill has got this far since the topic of igaming regulation was introduced in 2013.


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02.02. |

There are some really good nuggets in Part 1 of London Reals’ interview with PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree who talks at length about why she thinks there are so few women playing poker today.

She also divulges what she thinks is her biggest advantage at the tables and gives some advice on bankroll management, so check it out.


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